SAILING FOR GOLD – a Portland shanty

THE SONGSHEET : sailing for gold.pdf


Belle Benfield and Annie Lovejoy penned a new Portland Shanty from conversations they had with many different Portland women. Lots of different groups have got together to sing the Shanty in public places as part of the B side festival. This is a group singing a short version to passers by. cyclists, window cleaners, shoppers and young children all stopped to have a look and listen!

SAILING FOR GOLD extra tracks:

2. instrumental

3. whistling

4 thoughts on “SAILING FOR GOLD – a Portland shanty

  1. To the ladies who sang “Sailing for Gold” on the number 210 bus to Portland, earlier, I would just like to say a big “THANK YOU”, it was really nice to hear your singing, it made my day. Thanks again.

  2. You’ve made a young Greek musician happier.. Sitting on his couch, he holds his breath and his tear, he travels with his entire mind and soul to the places you draw.. His only wish is to experience and feel this melody live very soon, that’s a promise.. Thanks, honestly. Thomas

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