Listening Posts

You might hear the shanty being played in the following places ( If its not playing, you can request it! ):

Weyline / Portline taxi’s – ask your driver if he/she has the CD.

Weymouth Harbour (and close by):

The Seagull Cafe – “I’ve been playing it to annoy my staff.  By the end of the day, we were all singing it when we were closing up.”

Ice Cream at No. 7.  The cd might be played in the upstairs window.

The Crow’s Nest Bistro – opposite Brewers Quay

The Duke of Cornwall, St Edmunds Street, Weymouth

And in Portland –

Nicky’s and Portline taxis

Flair – hairdressers in Easton

Island Gallery, Easton

Wax & Relax – Easton

Whitestones Cafe, Easton

Jacksons Gallery & Cafe, Easton


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