Falmouth based artists A & B (Annie Lovejoy & Belle Benfield) have come together for b-side 2012. Inspired by the invitation to ‘explore the flipside of the seaside’ during the Paralympics, they plan to write and produce a sea shanty (chanty) that sings the world up from the ground…

SAILING FOR GOLD explores the underbelly of sea faring in relation to the specific context of Portland conjuring up possibilities that are not prescriptive but offer a few starting points. Inspired by b-side  is an idea to produce a sea shanty, usually a man’s working song. But what of women at sea? – what are the stories of Portland? (excerpt from initial proposal – November 2011).

So you may well bump into them loitering with intent in Portland seeking unexpected encounters, conversations and stories about women and the sea – la mer – the rolling waves, the en-chanted deep and the mirror glassy.

Annie and Belle were drawn to the b-side call for artists because of its emphasis on site responsive work. Both artists feel it essential to leave space for the unexpected that emerges from encounters and conversations with people on the ground. For this reason, the first phase of the proposal is a research period based in Portland. This will generate responsive outcomes that will truly embed the work meaningfully in Portland during the Paralympic games.

Images from our first visit to Portland, UK – Feb 2012



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