project feedback


SAILING FOR GOLD – proposed to b-side in November 2011 has pretty much evolved as we envisaged…responsively.

As strangers to the island, we needed an adequate time frame to research, develop, produce, perform and distribute the song. From the start we agreed to keep track of our process and be efficient with our time in recognition of the budget constraints envisaged – we overshot this mark – largely due to the expense of travelling and accommodation (that used up 50% of the budget).

The structure of B-Side and the projects it commissions seems to mainly support projects in a specific site at a specific time. Perhaps Sailing for Gold presented a new challenge in that being a song, it was completely mobile – on CD, or sung by any combination of people anywhere at any time. While we felt that B-Side engaged thoroughly with our events – the challenges seemed to arise in engaging with the mobile, connective side of the project which in our opinion is what made it such a success.

We hope that this might spark some debate and lead to new ideas…perhaps a residency programme that would allow for the time heavy realities of responsive arts practice to unfold more productively for all involved.

We’re grateful to B-Side for this opportunity and particularly to Nikki Fryer who was key to it’s success & we look forward to developing connections in the future. At the time of writing the singing is set to continue with the formation of The Jackson Gallery Singers – a project legacy

Our PROJECT FEEDBACK for b-side can be downloaded here: a n b feedback form


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