Singing the World up from The Ground…

Mina Kelsey and Sheila Bedford playing the litophone

The song SAILING FOR GOLD has emerged from conversations with Portlanders and those who have made the island their home. We are hugely grateful to Hannah & Paul (PSQT) for hosting us and for many an interesting conversation. As for Nikki (the juggler) Fryer we can’t thank her enough – she has worked with us throughout, introducing us to so many people as well as organizing opportunities for the songs development and performance.

We’re also really grateful to ranger Lynne Cooch (Wild about Weymoth & Portland) for her enthusiasm to create an event that literally walks the song at the same time as deepening our knowledge of the natural environment of Tout quarry and the coastal path – songlines (sept 8th event flyer). For us, this walk created an opportunity for an experience that wasn’t fixed or held by a proscenium focus, more fitting to the rambling, loitering, conversational elements that entwine encounter with information about a particular  place.

Song production
Lyrics: A & B (Annie Lovejoy and Belle Benfield)
Composition: Rachael Castell and Rebecca Jackson
Arrangement: Nikki Fryer, Julie Matthews, Jonathan Diaper & Nigel Lawrence
Music notation Nikki Fryer, Nigel Lawrence, Su Lewis & Isabel Carrahar
A Cappella Singers – Julie Matthews & Alison Winsborough (verse & chorus), Nikki Fryer, Barbara McIntosh, Sheila Ryan, Belle Benfield (chorus)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Instrumental – Sheila Ryan on fiddle, Jon Diaper mandolin, Nigel Lawrence accordian and Julie Matthews whistle
Recording / mixing – Tom Hughes

Thanks to: All who have contributed to the lyrics through their memories and stories ..and welcomed us into their homes, workplaces or hut!
Julie Hall, Janet Hunter and Jeanette Spence
Megan Pascoe
Pam Hawker
Mina Kelsey
Thelma Clark
Sheila and Ron Bedford
Val Vincent
Kate Boatswain
Kim Scard
Geoff Peters & John Watts (coastal watch)
Jeffrey and Thelma Stewekesbury, Roxy

‘pop up’ singers and musicians            

Lynne Crowe
Barbara McIntosh
Lorna Dewar
Pat March
Alison Winsborough
Nikki Fryer
Anna Eveleigh
Nigel Lawrence
Sheila Ryan
Julie Matthews
Jon Diaper
Carol Rochefort
Steph Pagesmith
Sheila Ryan
Andrea Frankham Hughes
Carol Rochefort
Juliet Harwood
Lynne Crowe
Su Lewis
..and all the other Island Voices choir members

many thanks also to: Seamas Carey, Mac Dunlop, Kevin & Polly Benfield

b-side – Sally Watkins

Portland Sculpture & Quarry Trust (PSQT) – Hannah Soefar & Paul Crabtree
Wild about Weymouth – Lynne Cooch


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